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You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.
Joan Miro


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Alex Ireland

I've known Malena for years and her work ethic is admirable! I've seen her climb rocks, lay down on footpaths and go out of her way to get the right shot! She's hard working, observant and has such a creative mind! Had shoots with her in many different locations - indoors and outdoors - and the results were always great! I'm very fussy about others taking my picture but Malena is so reassuring, kind and friendly. She'll put you at ease and make sure the results are gorgeous!

Valentina Ireland
Malena is a brilliant photographer and a very reliable collaborator with a strong creative attitude. I have had the pleasure of working with her multiple times and I can happily vouch for her professionalism and skills. She is also a great team player and has a very kind approach when working with people, making models feel safe and comfortable at all times on photography sets. I highly recommend hiring her for any type of photography service.
Iris Ireland
She is just amazing.
I love the way she captures the moments.
She is an incredible professional and also an amazing person to work with.
Just love it so much and can not wait to have her eyes capturing my work again.
U are a star ❤️
Sheila Ireland

This dear professional was a gift I received on my way through Dublin, in 2019! Surprisingly, after the dance lessons, she told me she could take photos of me... I got a little shy (yes, dance teachers can feel ashamed too 🤭), but I accepted right away! In addition to the calmness and tranquility she gave me and the care and affection when photographing, there was a beautiful and very well treated material that I now use in many works! Thank you dear! Congratulations on the incredible professional you are!**

Camila Brazil

Malena is a very sensitive, hard working, spontaneous, detail oriented photographer. She made me look amazing and we had lots of fun while photo shooting. Lots of laughs and ideas turned into incredible photographs. I definitely recommend her!!

Carla Ireland

I've worked with Malena a while ago in an outdoor photoshoot and I loved the outcome. So fresh and lively exactly what I was looking for! She's a lovely girl not only passionate and talented, she also listens to your ideas. Very humble and professional. I highly recommend her work!

Mari Ireland
It is wonderful to work with Malena. She makes everyone feel really comfortable. She has a true natural talent for photography and a great eye for detail and for lighting.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Bruna Ireland

Malena has an amazing eye for spontaneity and know how to capture it very well with love and sensitivity. She's truly an artist.

Junior Ireland
Malena... she is simply amazing!!!
With great energy, she always captures the best of any moment!!!
I normally don't like to see photos of myself "striking a pose" let alone dancing... but in your photos I'm loving it.
Yoko Ireland

Thanks for all the great beautiful pictures, they are gorgeous. They’re making us cheerful, you took them perfectly! I’m more than happy 💕 Thank you very much for them and for the hard work. You gave us a set of precise memories and we'll be forever grateful!

Will Ireland

Malena is an amazing photographer and has a unique and sensible eye to capture connections that happen in the moment.

L. R. Germany

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful photos. It was really fun to see how much passion and creativity you put into the creation of the photos. They are a great memory 🥰*

S. Germany

We are overwhelmed with joy. The photos turned out soooooo beautiful. Many thanks again!*


*translated from German
**translated from Portuguese

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